Tuesday, February 5, 2013

 We went out on a sail boat with Phil.  Tom (who we've been out with several times) had his boat in dry dock.  It was pretty choppy water and too windy to put the sails up but it was still fun and we saw lots of whales.

It is great to hear them blow!

                                          Chris & Colleen enjoying the sun on the boat.

 They are building a new Chapel in Lahina.  It will be ready this next summer.
                              Walking the beach the last day.....It was a bit cloudy.
 Someday over the Rainbow we will be back to enjoy more sun and fun times in Hawaii!!!!!

Just another week in Paradise

 Tyler & Carrie Millward live in Maui and we met up with them to go on a hike.  They drive this green VW Bus....one of 25 in the whole country!  Tyler has to be a very courteous driver because he is very identifiable.
 We hiked a path off the rode to Hana into a water fall.  Nora and Amellia came along.

                                                             Now you see him......
                                                                    Now you don't!!!
                                          Amellia says......"well I could have done that!!!!!

Dave actually swam to the water fall!!!!
It was cold but fun.
                                                              It was beautiful and green.
                                                           Nora is a great hiker
        Irrigation system to bring water from the mountains to the valley still in use today.
                                                  Checking in with the kids.
   Putting.....Dave needed to practice so he wouldn't lose to me.  We brought some night balls that light up when they are hit and put glow sticks in the holes and played at night.  It brought a lot of attention from everyone.  We should have bought a bunch of the balls and sold them.  The proceeds might have bought a piece of Hoola Pie!!!
      Ready for snorkeling!  Chris and Colleen got here and we went to Turtle Bay.  We saw lots of turtles and swam a little to close for comfort according to Colleen.  Just when she thought she was safely away from a big one we were watching, one popped up between us.  It kind of freaked her out.
              The hardest part was trying to climb out of the bay on those slippery, slimy rocks.
             Later that day we went to black rock and Colleen and I loved swimming in the ocean.
Tyler and Carrie and girls came for a visit after practicing surfing just north of Lahina.

Flemming Beach

 It was a windy day at Flemming Beach.  Dan & Deb and Ron ventured into the rough waves and got tossed around pretty good.

                                                           Going out for more!!!

                                        Ron has had enough and Dave never wanted any!
                                              Deb recovering with water in her ear.

                                  The view from our Lanai.....we saw whales from here every day.
                                 A day in the sun at Big Beach.  Dan apparently didn't want any sun!
                      Debbie and I snorkeled hand in hand.  One of the many bonding moments.
                                                                  Looking good!!!!
                                                    In the condo getting ready for a card game.
        Unfortunately, the trip came to an end.....we hated to see Dan &; Deb, & Ron & Karen go.  One of the highlights of the trip was going to Warren and Annabelles magic show.  We all laughed and were amazed.  We ate at Cheeseburgers in paradise and grilled at the pool and had gormet oatmeal for breakfast.  Great times!!!!
                                                     Thanks for coming Dan & Deb!!!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Helicopter Tour

 I went with Dave and Ron to the desk to sign up for a helicopter ride.  I really never had a desire to ride in one, in fact just the opposite.  I don't know what got in to me but when they signed up I just decided to sign up with them.  In my mind I was thinking, if it goes down, I'd rather be with Dave than left alone.  We signed up Monday morning on the way to Hana and I worried about it all day.  By the time Monday night came I was getting very worried and I didn't sleep very well.  Tuesday Morning early, I woke up and started to look on the internet about helicopter safety.  I read somewhere that they have 1 crash each year.  Wow, now I was scared!  I decided I was going to walk down to the office as soon as they opened and cancel.  At 7:00 a.m. I was ready and told Dave what I was going to do.  He walked down with me and we found out that they wouldn't give me a refund.  I was so disappointed.  Dave told me I didn't really have to go and the the money was no big deal.  Well, I rode over to Kahalui with Dave and Ron just in case I changed my mind.  I asked about the pilot when we got there and found out he was the trainer and had flown for 25 years I decided to go.  I wasn't really afraid of the height or the actual flying....I was just afraid of crashing!!!  The helicopter seats 5 passengers and I was put front and center.  Dave was in the back seat to my left.
                                                               This is at take off.
 We flew over the west end of Maui and then to Moleki.  This is a 2000 foot water fall.  It was all so lush and green and beautiful.
                                                        We saw whales over the ocean.
Back on the ground and safe.  I was elated that we were alive!!!!  Seriously, it was fun and I really liked it and I will never go again.  The rest of the trip was better cause I had escaped a helicopter crash. Dave and Ron loved every minute of it and had no worries.  The moral of the story.....Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Hana 2013

 We survived the road to Hana on Monday.  We stopped and hiked in the bamboo forest, and saw 4 waterfalls on the hike.

                                      We hopped rocks with the assistance of fallen trees!

                                                               The first waterfall.

                                                                Love you Davey!

                               Thanks to whoever hung the rope to pull ourselves up the rock.

                                                                        What a hike!!!!
                                                        Ron & Karen & Dan & Deb

 Dave dropped a pair of his dollar store reading glasses in the water while hopping the rocks.  The boys were on a mission to find them.
 The red sand beach, it was beautiful!  We had to be selective with our picture taking.  Lets just say it is a secluded beach where others feel free!
Debbie & I swam in the one of the 7 sacred pools.  Actually there are not 7 pools and they are not sacred but that is what they are called.  It was windy and a bit chilly and we couldn't talk anyone else into getting in with us.  We started about 7:30 that morning from Papakea (our condo) and got back about 8:00 that evening.  It takes all day to drive 50 miles from Kahalui all the way around to Hana.  We kept going all the way around and you drop back into Kahalui and then on home.  It was a long fun day.  I don't know why Dave and I keep going, I guess we keep having good company to go with.